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Discover the military and government building construction solutions we provide.

CNC Foundations provides construction services for many sectors, including the government and military sectors. Our ground improvement and deep foundation services help complete military and government construction projects of all shapes and sizes.

Construction Services for the Government and Military Sectors

Out of all the types of foundation services out there, we provide deep foundation services to military and government projects. We use deep foundation services for projects where weak, compressible soils near the ground surface make shallow foundations unfeasible. Deep foundations also work well for tall structures, such as skyscrapers or other large buildings. We combine these deep foundation services with ground improvement to stabilize the soil in and around the projects’ foundations.

What is ground improvement? It’s a set of services that use aggregate piers and vibratory stone columns (VSCs) to stabilize the soil and settlement beneath the project site’s surface. Aggregate piers are individual piers of aggregate stone installed together to form a column, while VSCs are already full columns before installation. We understand the similarities and differences between these two ground improvement components, and we use each of them for different solutions. We often use them together on deep foundation and ground improvement projects.

VIBRATORY STONE COLUMNS Queens Court Multi-Family Apartments Arlington VA

Examples of CNC Foundations’ Past Government and Military Construction Projects

We have completed many projects in the government and military sectors in the past, including the following:

Get Ground Improvement Solutions That Suit Your Budget

Start planning ground improvement or deep foundation services for your government or military construction project.

Why Partner With CNC Foundations for Your Government or Military Construction Project

We’re a fantastic partner for your construction project because we provide more than just ground improvement and deep foundation services. We’re also a premier geotechnical subcontractor that provides products, components, and services that fit your project’s budget. We’ve worked with a range of soil conditions and types across the country over the years. We use our knowledge and experience to determine your site’s ground improvement and deep foundation needs, and we provide customized solutions to meet them.

Improve Your Project’s Ground With CNC Foundations

If you need to improve your project’s ground or use bearing piles to solidify a deep foundation for your project, reach out to us. We can complete your government or military construction project on time and within your budget. We’re ready to assess your construction site’s needs and provide the right ground improvement services and solutions to stabilize your project’s foundation with quick turnaround times and excellent results.

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