Discover how we can provide the ground improvement solutions your healthcare facility or hospital construction project needs.

The planning, design, and construction of healthcare facilities and hospitals are involved processes. You don’t want to slow or stop these processes with inappropriate soils for a healthcare project’s foundation. CNC Foundations’s ground improvement solutions reinforce and solidify the ground on your project’s site so you can build the rest of the facility as soon as possible.

How Do Our Ground Improvement Solutions Support Healthcare Facilities?

Our ground improvement services and solutions allow healthcare organizations and companies to build new facilities on certain types of foundations and soils. These types include soft and compressible soils like clay and silt, weak soils such as man-made fill, and granular soils like sand. Ground improvement solutions strengthen the soil so it can support a hospital, outpatient facility, or pharmaceutical plant without the need for deep foundations. While deep foundation solutions are sometimes necessary for certain projects, they often cost more and take more time to install than ground improvement solutions do.

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When we design and install ground improvement solutions for healthcare facilities, we often use vibro stone columns (VSCs), also called aggregate piers or vibratory piers. These piers are made of stone aggregate, and we install them with special vibratory probes called vibroflots. Once we install the VSCs, they reinforce the ground’s geotechnical structure to make the soil firmer and more capable of supporting large healthcare buildings.

Improve Your Healthcare Facility’s Foundation With CNC Foundations

We have installed ground improvement solutions for facilities across the healthcare industry. In one case, we performed these services for a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. The facility’s construction site was located on ground that had sand and gravel soil conditions that went down as far as ten feet below the surface. This project required columns and continuous footings to support bearing pressures of 1300 PSF from the building plus 230 PSF for the floor slab foundation. We used VSCs to improve the soil. We installed 24-inch VSCs 25 feet below the surface along the building’s perimeter. After that, we installed 24-inch VSCs 10 to 19 feet below the surface underneath the floor slab foundation. Overall, we installed 1,578 to support the new facility.

Improve Your Healthcare Facility’s Foundation With CNC Foundations

Connect with us to learn how we can improve your facility’s foundation with our ground improvement solutions and services.

What Types of Healthcare Facility Foundations Do Our Ground Improvement Services Support?

We can support many types of foundations with our ground improvement methods. We supported a slab foundation in the example above, but we can also support pile foundations and basement foundations. Ground improvement is a cost-effective way to create shallow foundations in weak soils so you don’t have to invest in deep foundations. We adapt our services and solutions to support as many different types of foundations as possible.

Why Choose CNC Foundations for Healthcare Ground Improvement?

CNC Foundations has provided ground improvement services and solutions for healthcare and many other sectors and industries since 1987. In the three decades since our founding, we have worked on so many different projects that we have become flexible, agile, and efficient when we design and install our ground improvement solutions. We can customize our services and product offerings to ensure you have the right solution for your foundation. When we create your solution, we design the depths and layouts of the VSC installations according to your building plans. Overall, we use our knowledge and experience to improve the soils and settlement on your construction to handle your building’s loads.

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Reinforce Your Healthcare Facility’s Foundation With Us

If your healthcare facility’s construction site has weak or granular soils, reach out to CNC Foundations today. We’re ready to help you create the right ground improvement solution for your foundation’s requirements. When you use our solutions to support your facility’s foundation, we work efficiently to keep your solution within your timelines and your budget.

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