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Why Use Wick Drains?

When you need deep fills to achieve design grade, or surcharge loading is required to consolidate a site before construction, wick drains are one of the best ways to accelerate the construction schedule. The wick drains consist of thin geosynthetic drainage strips installed vertically through compressible soils in a grid pattern to provide a drainage path for the water as it is squeezed out of the soil. This allows the consolidation of the soil to happen much faster than it would otherwise.

Depending on the permeability of the native soils, it may take many months for the settlement to occur without wick drains. In construction, there are delays and timetables that must be tolerated while ensuring project quality is maintained.. However, solutions like Wick Drains can remove these obstructions in your schedule without sacrificing the quality of the craftsmanship.

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When we anticipate project delays due to fill-included settlement like this, we recommend and install wick drains to drastically reduce the amount of time required for the soils to compress. This accelerates the project schedule and allows projects to be completed on time.

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A Geosynthetic Drainage Layer for Soil Consolidation

Geosynthetics are used throughout the construction industry to stabilize terrain. They’ve become the answer to many civil engineering problems. Their material is lightweight compared to other options, and geosynthetics are designed to be durable for many different applications. When it comes to soft compressible soil and the need to reduce consolidation times, these ground improvement solutions help to:

  • Reduce timeframe during surcharge programs
  • Reduce timeframe where deep fills are required to achieve design grade

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The wick drainage systems like this have a flexible core that is engineered to have grooves on both sides. This design allows water to flow unimpeded. The core is also wrapped in a durable geotextile filter fabric to enable the smooth access of pore water. We install a pattern of vertical wick drains like this to deliver short drainage paths for water. This wick drain installation technique is how we accelerate the consolidation process of the soil particles.

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