Rigid Inclusions vs. Vibratory Concrete Columns

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Multiple Choices in Displacement Piles for Ground Improvement

There are always many options to choose from when considering what’s best for a construction project where ground improvement is required. If you are trying to figure out which products are right for your requirements, you should put your trust in CNC Foundations. We have more than three decades of experience in geotechnical construction and support. We specialize in various types of ground improvement and deep foundation solutions.

Rigid Inclusions and vibratory concrete columns (VCCs) are different types of ground improvement products called displacement piles. Most types of displacement piles come with inherent advantages:

  • A minimal amount of spoil
  • Minimal vibration or shock
  • No supporting fluid in loose soils
  • Reduced concrete consumption
  • High daily production rate

If you want to reduce foundational disturbance, limit waste created onsite, and make the most of rapid installation, reach out to CNC Foundations about our displacement pile options today. We can also dig deeper into what separates your options between RIs and VCCs.

Rigid Inclusions

RIs are used as a ground improvement solution for weak, compressible, or otherwise soft soil. Some commercial projects require high load-bearing capacity, but the soil the structure will be built upon cannot stand up to the weight of the structure.

  • Uses a different type of drill rig
  • Screwed in pile to get concrete to the bottom
  • Offers the capability to go as deep as 60-65 ft.
  • Doesn’t have to be predrilled

Vibratory Concrete Columns

VCCs are used in areas that require higher loads and are installed through very soft soils to transfer loads to more competent load-bearing strata. They’re used in cases where the soils are so unstable that vibro stone columns would not have sufficient lateral confinement to adequately carry vertical loads.

  • Builds a column with concrete with a vibratory flot
  • Concrete is pumped to the bottom through vibro flot in lifts
  • Comes with a depth limitation of 30 ft.
  • Can be predrilled to get through debris

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The Operational Benefits of Displacement Piles for Your Project

Beyond the advantages we listed above, there are even more reasons to choose displacement piles for your project needs. They are an environmentally-friendly option thanks to the minimal amount of drill spoils produced during installation. This benefit limits the risk of contamination and lowers the cost of disposal in material waste. That also adds to the cleanliness of the work platform, which reduces the chance of worksite injury.

When compared to the non-displacement bored pile options, we can achieve higher unit side friction and end-bearing resistance by compacting the surrounding soil. This technique works to reduce the overall cost as well. The minimal amount of vibration or shock even creates less noise pollution and fewer disturbances around the worksite. Limiting those disturbances keeps the neighborhood happy and causes fewer headaches for project management overall.

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