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Providing Geotechnical Solutions for Various Market Sectors

No matter what market sector your business is in, we have solutions for all of your geotechnical construction needs. We offer multiple types of foundation services and ground improvement solutions, including aggregate piers and rigid inclusions

We Serve Multiple Market Sectors

Since 1987, CNC Foundations has been the leading provider of ground improvement and deep foundation solutions for a wide variety of markets. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff can recommend, create, and install budget-friendly solutions for the following markets:

Our team of experts can address the unique challenges presented by each industry that we serve.

Agriculture and Tanks

Building sites in agricultural settings often experience variable and challenging soil conditions that require expert foundation and ground improvement solutions. CNC Foundations assesses your site to determine the best possible approach. We weigh the pros and cons of aggregate piers (VSCs or VCCs), rigid inclusions, and other systems to create the ideal plan for grain bin systems.

Commercial, Retail, and Office

Commercial, retail, and office site construction presents a lot of variables. Depending on the type of support your building requires, the type of soil, and site constraints, you may need a ground improvement or a deep foundation solution. Many commercial projects are built in areas with weak soil but require a high load-bearing capacity. Aggregate Piers (Vibratory Stone Columns) are an ideal solution. CNC Foundations has over five decades of experience in foundational services. We have the knowledge and expertise to choose the right solution for your project.


One of the essential steps to building an educational facility is identifying the ground improvement and foundation needs before the project begins. CNC Foundations knows how to assess a site’s needs, including micropiles for stabilizing or displacement piles for minimal ground disturbance.

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Government and Military

Government lands often provide many different conditions and challenges. Military sites often require soil and foundation reinforcement to support large facilities and heavy equipment. Federal buildings, monuments, and military facilities each present situations unique to that particular project. We meet and exceed your construction needs by providing expert design, superb project management, quality installation, and competent testing.


When planning for construction jobs as large as a hospital, you must have a thorough understanding of the bearing pressure needs. Soil conditions can vary from one end of a site to another. Using the proper reinforcements and foundation solutions is critical to the longevity of the building. We will use the knowledge we’ve gained over five decades to provide the best solution in regards to ground improvement and/or deep foundation systems to ensure your facility remains stable.

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Municipal construction jobs can cover a wide variety of project types. CNC Foundations’ expert engineers design and implement the ideal solution for all sites.Whether that facility is a parking garage, office building, maintenance shop or a fountain that often requires multiple solutions. We offer many service options where Aggregate Piers (Vibratory Stone Columns) or rigid inclusions are a perfect solution for your application.

Manufacturing and Industrial

Large industrial and manufacturing plants aren’t just expensive projects—they’re also complex. Aggregate piers(Vibratory Stone Columns) are a cost-reducing solution that helps strengthen loose soil around buildings with shallow footings. In areas with fragile soil, rigid inclusions (Vibratory Concrete Columns) are an ideal solution for high load facilities.


Soil conditions at projects for wall and embankment stabilization are incredibly varied. The initial concern of global stability and bearing pressure are taken into completing our design. This is done to ensure our solutions cause as little disturbance as possible so there is minimal effect on traffic in the future.

Wind Energy

With the growing popularity of renewable energy, more wind farms are being developed. The rural construction sites where wind turbines are typically installed often have deep, soft, soil conditions. Aggregate pier ground improvement solutions help raise weight-bearing capabilities, maximize differential settlement control, and deter liquefaction.

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Ground Improvement and Deep Foundation Services for All Industries

If you didn’t see your market sector listed, don’t worry, we’re here to help. Our knowledgeable staff is ready to take on any commercial ground improvement construction project. Whether you need to improve the soil’s load-bearing capacity or transfer structural loads to competent earth, we have solutions.

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