CNC Foundations provided a turnkey ground improvement service for a civic building in Central Indiana after the client’s construction company discovered bad soil conditions that would lead to settlement issues on the project site.

Ground Improvement – Installing Aggregate Piers


Based upon the geotechnical report for the project there was no need for any ground improvement solutions or deep foundation systems needed. Once the site contractor began working on the foundation’s column footings and strip footings, they discovered bad soil not indicated in the geotechnical report that would lead to settlement issues on the project site. The contractor let the client know about the settlement issues and recommended using CNC Foundations to provide a solution. The construction company had worked with us before and knew we could supply a ground improvement solution while keeping the project on schedule.


CNC Foundations assessed the current project information from which we designed a solution that met the client’s expectations of bearing pressure and settlement. After approval from the Engineer of Records, we installed the Aggregate Piers/VSCs to support the column pads and footings in three days. This put the project’s schedule back on track.


Overall, the Aggregate Piers/VSCs provided the improved bearing capacity to support the civic building’s foundation. A few items that limited cost impact to the owner and construction company were generated from our installation method as well as time saved in hauling off those spoils. On top of the onsite benefits and results, we displayed to the owner and the construction company why CNC Foundations should be their first choice provider of ground improvement solutions. 

Project Details

Civic and Cultural

Ground Improvement

Bearing Capacity/Settlement Control

Vibro Stone Columns (VSCs)

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