Civil Building

We provided vibratory stone columns (VSCs) to improve a civil building’s foundation in central Ohio. Find out how we overcame the project’s challenges.

Ground Improvement—Installing Vibratory Stone Columns


A civil building in central Ohio needed ground improvement services to improve the site’s bearing capacity and settlement control. However, the civil building’s site was small and tight. It was in a residential area surrounded by houses and narrow streets. We had to work around these challenges to implement the vibratory stone columns (VSCs) the project needed.


We installed about 175 to 200 VSCs by working with a local crew who knew the area and understood how to work with the narrow streets in this residential area. They used vibration monitors to ensure that nearby homeowners weren’t disturbed by vibrations, noise, or dust coming from the project site. Overall, the local crew worked well with us and managed to act as an arm of the client to give them the ground improvement services they needed for the civil building’s foundation.


The VSC solution we provided was exactly what the client wanted. The local crew helped us install the VSCs in just three days, which kept the project within its timelines and budget.

Project Details

Central Ohio

Civic and Cultural

Ground Improvement

Bearing Capacity/Settlement Control

Vibratory Stone Columns (VSCs)

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