Learn how we can improve your educational facility’s foundations with our ground improvement solutions.

Education sector facilities are always expanding to accommodate growing student populations and different types of educational needs. CNC Foundations has a range of ground improvement solutions to strengthen the ground on your educational facility’s construction site.

How We Improve Educational Building Construction

We come in when an educational building site’s foundation is too soft to start construction. Our ground improvement services reinforce the soil and settlement on the site. These services work on soft and granular soils, such as clay, silt, and sand. Once we complete these services, foundation construction can begin on your site.

We provide these services for many types of foundations in the education sector. These types include basement foundations, slab foundations, and mat foundations. We apply our ground improvement services to construction sites to ensure their new facilities have solid shallow foundations. If your site’s bearing pressures are too great for shallow foundations, you’ll have to solve the problem with deep foundations, which can be expensive investments for your construction project.

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What Types of Ground Improvement Products Do We Use for Education Buildings?

When we perform ground improvement services for educational institutions, we often use vibro stone columns (VSCs), also known as vibratory piers or aggregate piers. VSCs are columns of stone aggregate. We install them in the ground to improve the soil matrix’s properties until it’s strong enough to support a building. We use a special vibratory probe called a vibroflot to insert the VSCs into the soil. VSCs provide cost-effective ways to create shallow foundations in soft or granular soils.

Improve Your Educational Facility’s Foundation With CNC Foundations

Contact CNC Foundations today and discover how our ground improvement services can keep your educational construction project on time and within budget.

Examples of Our Ground Improvement Services in the Education Sector

What do our ground improvements projects in the education sector look like? You can find out through these three examples:

  • Western Carolina University: WCU was building a new facility for their STEM program, but the site needed ground improvement services so the project could move forward. The foundation site included retaining walls, which we needed to consider as we designed our solution. We had to create a solution that could handle the weight of the retaining walls and the soil backfill and vertical column loads behind them. After careful consideration, we installed VSC uplift anchors, which could handle the retaining walls’ loads along with everything behind them.
  • Ohio State University Apartments: Ohio State needed to build six new apartment buildings for students, but their chosen site contained poor upper soils that wouldn’t support the structures on their own. We created a ground improvement design based around aggregate piers, including VSCs and vibratory concrete columns (VCCs). We installed 1,000 aggregate piers to create 7,000 PSF in bearing pressure, which the site needed to support the six apartment buildings.
  • High School Gymnasium: A high school in Iowa planned to build a new gymnasium on a site with soft, compressible soils. For this project, we had to combine our ground improvement solutions with our deep foundations solutions. First, we used helical piles to create the deep foundations solution the site needed. Then we installed VSCs along the foundation’s exterior wall footings to strengthen the soil at various depths. These solutions made the site strong enough to support the gym despite the presence of soft soils.

These examples show how our services and solutions improve school buildings’ foundations. We customized our solutions each time to provide the right designs and products for each project’s needs.

Improve Your School Building’s Foundation With CNC Foundations

If your school or university needs ground improvement solutions and services for its newest building project, reach out to us today. We understand that school building construction projects are huge undertakings, which is why we want to help you prepare the foundation for your new building. We can assess your project’s requirements and design a customized solution to reinforce the ground on and around your construction site.

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