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At CNC Foundations, we provide a variety of agricultural services and applications, ranging from storage tank foundation design to deep found structural installations. We understand how to customize our solutions to adjust to different soil conditions and foundation needs. From barns and livestock buildings to chemical installations and grain bin storage foundations, we can develop the right agricultural foundation solutions for any project.

Examples of Our Agricultural Services and Applications

We often perform ground improvement services for our clients. Ground improvement services involve improving soil conditions to provide a solid foundation for a building or structure. We typically perform these services by installing vibratory stone columns (VSCs), aggregate piers, and micropiles in the ground on our clients’ sites. Here are some examples of ground improvement services we have provided for our agricultural clients:

  • We used aggregate piers to create a foundation for chemical storage tanks at an agricultural chemical plant after its project had fallen two weeks behind schedule. The urea, ammonia, and nitrogen (UAN) tanks were 176 inches in diameter, and they were designed to have a maximum of 2 inches of settlement around their edges after installation. Without ground improvement, the tanks would have 6 to 8 inches of settlement around their edges, which was more than they could handle. On top of that problem, the project started two weeks after its scheduled start date because very wet spring weather made soil conditions unsuitable for construction. That’s when we came in and installed the aggregate piers in the storage tanks’ foundations. Following our installation, the project was completed two weeks ahead of schedule, in spite of the delayed start date.
  • A large agricultural chemical formulating and packing facility was building two additions to two different buildings 25 feet apart from each other. The site’s soil consisted of clays and soft fill sand that needed ground improvement applications to support the new additions. We installed VSCs throughout most of the additions’ foundations, but we used helical piles in limited access areas. We validated the installations with load testing and completed the project ahead of schedule.
  • We installed micropiles to improve the ground at a grain processing plant in eastern Iowa during the COVID-19 pandemic. The plant’s soil was clay that became rock 20 feet below ground. This project presented a few specific challenges. Only so many of our team members could be present onsite due to COVID-19 restrictions. Also, the construction caused pipe rerouting at the plant that led to waste discharge occurring in the areas where we installed the micropiles. Despite COVID-19 restrictions and stoppages due to waste discharge, we completed the installations on time.

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How Do We Assess Agricultural Foundation Projects?

When we take on an agricultural foundation project, we assess multiple factors to determine which applications to install. We consider the soil conditions around the installation as well as what types of equipment or structures we’re installing. For example, some storage tank foundation types require VSCs, while others require helical piles. Once we determine what you’re installing and what the soil and rock around it are like, we select the right type of foundation application and begin installing it onsite.

Improve Your Agricultural Project’s Foundations With CNC Foundations

Reach out to us today to access the right applications for your construction project’s foundations. From storage tank and grain bin foundations to building and addition foundations, we have the solutions to improve the soil and rock around your project. When we develop our applications and solutions, we consider your project’s and facility’s specific foundation needs. Then we install the applications efficiently and thoroughly in ways that stay within your budget and on or ahead of schedule. Let us apply our solutions to your project. We want to ensure your agricultural buildings, structures, and equipment have solid foundations for years to come. Let us know when you’re ready to improve your project’s foundations with our aggregate piers, vibratory stone columns, helical piles, and many other applications.

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