Building With Value in Mind With Helical Piles

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Helical pile foundation solutions are a popular choice thanks to lower costs, quick installation, and their ability to be installed in areas of limited access.

What Are Helical Piles Used for in Construction?

Helical piles, sometimes referred to as anchors, piles, or screw piles, are often used to stabilize new or existing foundations. Helical piles essentially look like screws—they’re composed of one galvanized iron shaft with “fins” or helical bearing plates. These piles are then turned into the ground by a machine to the desired depth.

Screw pile foundation systems like this are used all over the world for a variety of projects, but the best product in the world won’t be effective without the right construction support. One of the most essential elements that decides whether or not your project will be successful is the subcontractor you choose to join your team. The services at CNC Foundations are provided by a team with more than three decades of experience in geotechnical construction.

Helical Piles Offer Multiple Benefits for Your Project

One of the most significant strengths CNC Foundations has to offer is our expertise. We provide multiple ground improvement and deep foundation solutions, but it is our experience and knowledge that lets us decide which option is the right solution for your situation. These deep foundation products come with inherent advantages like:

  • Rapid and efficient installation process
  • Suitable for areas with restricted access
  • Fast excavation for project schedule acceleration
  • Wide range of options in cost-effective designs
  • Piles can be tested

They Fit Into a Variety of Project Applications

The helical piles are installed into stable bearing soils at a depth necessary to reach the required load-bearing capacity. They are a versatile system and can fit into many different work environments. They are often the best recommendation for projects involving items like:

  • High capacity capabilities
  • Tiebacks
  • Limited access
  • New construction or retrofits
  • Instant load capacity
  • Vertical or horizontal load stabilization

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Screw Pile Solutions Backed by Reliable Support

We recognized a long time ago that the right team makes just as much difference as the right product. That is why we have focused on developing and maintaining a staff that comes with years of real-world experience and knowledge of the most modern techniques available today. It’s these people who deliver the integrity and commitment to your success that makes the difference in your project.

Our work environment and the mindset we bring to every worksite is collaborative, professional, and above all else, safe. Safe practices are a trademark of the CNC Foundations brand. Our in-house engineering staff and support personnel are certified in HAZMAT, OSHA, and MSHA. We emphasize safety not only for the benefit of our employees, but for the good of every trade working in the job site.

CNC Machine installing helicals on a work site

Years in Business

Building Value Into Our Engineering Solutions

Keeping an eye on the safety of every person on the worksite correlates directly to higher productivity, fewer interruptions, and reduced insurance costs. This mindset is just one of the ways we do all we can to contribute to the success of your project. CNC Foundations is a specialty geotechnical design/build subcontractor with an excellent track record of helping our partners win projects, save money, and meet their deadlines.

Many times, this is done through our value engineering process. Applying this process early in the schematic design phase has proven to offer the best value to our customers. To learn more about helical piles and the services at CNC Foundations, reach out to us today.

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