St. Paul River Front Apartments Case Study

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Why Was CNC Foundations Needed?

Project: River Front Apartments

Location: St. Paul, MN

Product Type: Vibratory Stone Columns (VSCs)

The River Front Apartments in St. Paul, MN, was one of the latest worksites for CNC Foundations. It is the site of a multi-family building project. There was up to 12 feet of fill found below the finished floor elevation. Due to a deep, undocumented fill and other layers of loose sand at the site, there was a substantial need for ground improvement.

The conditions of the subsurface on any given worksite can vary significantly within a single site. Those characteristics of the soil and surface play a vital role in selecting what type of ground improvement technique is best for the long-term stability of the proposed building.

CNC Foundations has over 30 years of experience in finding solutions that suit your unique situation. Customers and contractors can rely on our experience and our vast inventory of equipment to supply the needs of nearly any geotechnical project.

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What Did We Install?

CNC Foundations installed vibratory stone columns (VSC) below the River Front Apartment building in St. Paul, Minnesota. The VSCs extended through all existing fill and loose sand and into the dense sand below. The installation went as deep as 30 feet to improve the ground conditions on the site. We performed this task to minimize settlements and provide 4,500 psf bearing capacity.

To minimize the need for over-excavation and replacement below the slab, we also installed slab support vibratory stone columns through the existing fill using the DeepFeed System to cut time off of the overall project, saving the customer money and resources.

What Was the Result of the Project?

On the jobsite, we used CNC Foundations’ DeepFeed™ System. It is a combination of a proprietary installation process and equipment. The DeepFeed™ Systems is a direct-push, bottom-feed installation method that allows vibratory stone columns to be pushed to depths of over 40 feet. The system also does not require us to pre-drill the VSCs through the fill. That advantage reduces any excess spoils that could have developed during the project.

The DeepFeed™ System is also perfect for applications in Minnesota because of its ability to work well in the cold weather. It provides excellent settlement control through our high density and high strength VSC system. Without this system, the cold, hard soil in Minnesota during January would require us to perform pre-drilling.

Thanks to our innovative practices and years of expertise, CNC Foundations improved the soil conditions for the River Front Apartments and ensured the long-term stability of the project. We continually update our technology and equipment to keep up with the pace of our changing industry.

To ensure we can meet the needs of any ground improvement project, we maintain an extensive inventory of equipment. We chose to own this machinery rather than rent it to keep costs low and boost our efficiency in completion. To learn more about CNC Foundations, our capabilities, and everything we have to offer, contact us today.

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