Investing in Our People

Our Employees Are Our Most Important Asset

Learn how we continuously invest in our employees to enable them to be the best version of themselves.

Valuing Our Employee

CNC Foundations is committed to investing in our employees. Our reputation is built on our dedication to employee satisfaction, safety, and professional growth. We take great pride in rewarding our employees at every opportunity, and we hold various team-building events throughout the year. We know our employees make the ultimate difference with our clients, so we do our best to show them our appreciation.

Read more about one of our team events below.

Leadership Bootcamp

“As CNC Foundations continues to grow, we recognize the importance of not only investing in our current leadership team, but also the need to bring up and train future leaders within the organization.”

– Jason Courtney, CEO of CNC Foundations

What Was the Leadership Bootcamp?

CNC Foundations is determined to invest in the current and future leaders to give them tools to maintain identity, to promote a healthy balance in their lives, and ingrain the company’s cultural values.

Dr. Damon Friedman was invited to share and educate our team about the importance of leadership in the workplace. Dr. Friedman is a decorated veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan. A graduate of Harvard University, Dr. Friedman was awarded the Spirit of Hope Award by the Secretary of Defense for his efforts in helping the veteran community.

What Were the Topics Discussed During the Leadership Bootcamp?

Dr. Friedman discussed four main pillars with our employees:

Hope and Purpose

Dr. Friedman shared the hard lessons he learned while growing up in Los Angeles and how they helped him persevere through his tours in the Middle East. By applying Damon’s lessons on perseverance, our employees learned how determination leads to positive results.

World Changer

By reflecting on his military service and nonprofit experience, Dr. Friedman empowered our employees to focus on leadership, organization, and strategic output. Allowing our employees to embrace a more positive outlook.


Dr. Friedman learned the power of resiliency through his 20-year military career. He provided the practical tools necessary to build resiliency through physical, psychological, social, and spiritual exercises.


We learned powerful life lessons from the teachings of some of the greatest leaders in history. Dr. Friedman asked hard questions that made our employees think about what it means to establish a legacy, serve with integrity, and help others.

How Can Our Employees Apply These Lessons to Our Business?

By listening to the valuable teachings of Dr. Friedman, our employees learned the importance of teamwork, leadership, and dedication to a craft. Learning to serve with integrity reminded CNC Foundations employees about the value of honesty and transparency, two critical elements of excellent customer service. We are thankful for the lessons provided by Dr. Friedman and look forward to applying his leadership tips to our daily operations.

Stay tuned for more team-building activities provided by CNC Foundations.

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