Hotel Case Study

CNC Foundations was asked to improve the soil bearing capacity underneath a downtown hotel. Read more about the solutions we offered and how we successfully completed the project on time and under budget.

Ground Improvement—Installing Vibratory Stone Columns in Densely Populated Area

The Problem

The client planned to build a hotel in a densely populated area. However, the ground was soft and incapable of supporting the structure. The location of the project posed additional challenges, including a significant amount of traffic, and careful sequencing would have to be preplanned to ensure construction remained on schedule.

The Solution

We assessed the soil and determined that installing vibratory stone columns (VSCs) would solidify and stabilize the ground. We worked with the contractors to acquire the necessary permits, since our equipment crossed state lines. We created an installation plan to improve the soil conditions while keeping the overall project on schedule.

Results Of The Project

We completed the VSC installation on time and under budget. The project was straightforward, and we kept the environment of the site clean. The contractor was happy with us and continued hotel construction on stable ground.

Project Details

Hotel, Hospitality

Vibratory Stone Columns

New Rochelle, NY

Bearing Capacity / Settlement Control

Vibratory Stone Column FAQ

What Are VSCs?

VSCs are pillars made of crushed stone that are drilled into the ground to stabilize the soil beneath a structure.

How Are VSCs installed?

VSCs are installed with a simple process. A device drives a vibroflot into the ground, which is filled with granular material. Once compacted, the material is slowly lifted to create the column.

What Are the Benefits of VSCs?

Some of the advantages of VSCs include:

  • Increased Bearing Capacity: VSCs are commonly used to increase an area’s load-bearing capacity by stretching the soil through the insertion of granular material or stone.
  • Reducing Settlement: VSCs stiffen the soil matrix and reinforce existing soils to reduce compressibility risks.
  • Mitigating Liquefaction: VSCs are an excellent solution to strengthen soils in earthquake-prone regions. Installing VSCs in a grid pattern reduces the potential for liquefaction through soil densification.

What Are the Applications of VSCs?

VSCs are an ideal solution for the following, but not limited to, structures:

  • Multistory buildings
  • Commercial centers
  • Industrial facilities
  • Grain elevators
  • Wind turbines

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