Oakley Liquefaction Case Study

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Why Was CNC Foundations Needed?

Project: Ground improvement on a new logistics center

Location: Oakley, California

Product Type: Aggregate Piers/Vibratory Stone Columns (VSC)

America’s west coast is known for its seismic activity. This hazard adds an element of risk to every construction project that workers in other parts of the country do not have to worry about in their day-to-day work. Luckily, CNC Foundations is equipped with the knowledge and tools to help even the most specialized ground improvement projects.

We performed ground improvement on site for a new logistics center in Oakley, CA. The project was built on a site where the soils consist of a mix of loose sands and soft clays extending to a depth of approximately 20 feet, with relatively dense soils below. Due to the high risk of seismic activity, the site’s sandy soils were very susceptible to liquefaction.

Liquefaction is a term used to describe the loss of strength of a granular soil with vibrations typically associated with earthquakes. It can cause large settlements and building failures, unless the proper ground improvement measures are taken before construction.

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What Did We Install?

We installed Aggregate Piers/Vibratory Stone Columns (VSCs) to densify the loose soils, reduce the risk of liquefaction, and limit the extent of the damage that an earthquake could cause to the eventual structure. VSCs are compacted columns of aggregate that are installed through existing soils to improve the geotechnical properties of the soil matrix. The aggregate piers consist of a series of vertical lifts of compacted #57 Stone from a predetermined design depth up to the ground surface.

We chose VSCs for their quick and efficient installation along with their flexibility to meet a variety of different needs. Their installation offers reduced spoils for your project, cutting the cost of handling and hauling away spoils. Aggregate Piers like this also accelerate the rate of settlement which reduces the chance of delays in your project timeline.

What Was the Result of the Project?

A portion of the site required minimal predrilling of the Aggregate Piers/Vibratory Stone Column locations, as well as utilizing both bottom feed and top feed installation methods throughout the site. In addition to the liquefaction concerns, we provided an increased bearing capacity allowing for a more economical shallow foundation system to be used.

We have the expertise to deliver the work you need and the experience to provide the compliance your business requires. Count on CNC Foundations for unmatched support and superior workmanship. Contact us today to learn more about specialty services.

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