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Installing Vibratory Stone Columns

Ground Improvement- Installing Vibratory Stone Columns


In Bridgeton, New Jersey, CNC Foundations was contracted to support 6 large milk tanks using vibratory stone columns. The site was an open area, providing ample room for the work to proceed smoothly. The contract was swiftly executed, with over 400 (10/13 ft) piles installed. CNC Foundations is committed to being your first choice in ground improvement and commenced the work just two weeks after the agreement was reached.


Effective communication played a pivotal role in the project’s success. Assessing the bearing capacity of the site was a complex task, requiring meticulous consideration of various factors. To ensure that the project met the required standards, CNC Foundations engaged in collaborative discussions with the project owner, the general contractor, and our team of engineers. This collaborative effort was instrumental in aligning the project with the intended goals.


Upon project completion, the client expressed satisfaction with CNC Foundations’ work. The vibratory stone columns successfully enhanced the bearing capacity to meet industry standards, providing a sturdy foundation for the milk tanks. Importantly, CNC Foundations not only met but exceeded the contract’s specifications. The project was finished on time, underscoring our commitment to efficiency and punctuality. This project’s success reflects the significance of effective communication, teamwork, and unwavering dedication to quality and precision

Project Details

Industrial – Large Milk Tanks

New Jersey

Vibratory Stone Columns (VSCs)

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