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Discover how we improve the soil under the foundations of an agricultural industrial building in Nebraska

Ground Improvement – Installing Aggregate Piers


The client planned to build an industrial building on a particular site, so they commissioned a geotechnical exploration to determine the site’s soil conditions and the soil’s bearing capacity. This exploration showed that the site’s soil was not stiff enough to solely support the building’s weight. It was determined that the site needed a ground improvement solution to improve the soil’s bearing capacity. 


We provided a vibratory stone column/aggregate piers (VSCs) solution to make the soil stiffer so it could support the building. VSCs, or Aggregate Piers, were determined to be the best option for this site as well as the more cost-effective solution.


Aggregate Piers/ VSC’s that were installed by CNC Foundations kept the project on schedule and within budget. Now the client is able to grow their business and impact their community from this new facility.

Project Details



Ground Improvement

Bearing Capacity/Settlement Control

Vibro Stone Columns (VSCs)

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