Driven Pile Foundations

Learn about the advantages of driven piles and how our installation services improve your construction project’s foundation.

CNC Foundations provides driven piles as part of our deep foundation services. Our driven pile procedures offer your foundation a strong load-bearing capacity with cost-effective installation services. We install these piles to provide deep foundation support for structures that need it.

Where Do We Install Our Driven Piles?

We install driven piles deep beneath the surface of a client’s construction site during projects that need deep rather than shallow foundations. Driven piles often work best in wetlands, marine, or coastal environments. Certain types of piles, such as H-piles, also work well in earthquake-prone areas because they don’t displace the soil. Instead, they absorb earthquakes’ vibratory effects on the structures above and around them. Other types often provide extra structural support for buildings, but they can work as displacement piles for retaining walls that help hold soil back within a given space. However, drive piles have many more applications than those previously mentioned. Driven piles maintain their shape in the ground after they’re installed, and they don’t require any soil removal before their installation. These qualities give driven piles a certain amount of flexibility that other types of piles don’t have. Overall, we install driven piles in a variety of sites, depending on how good a fit they are for a particular project’s needs.

What Types of Driven Piles Do We Offer?

We offer several types of driven steel and concrete piles:

  • Steel Piles: H-piles, sheet piles, tapered piles, open-end pipe piles, and closed-end pipe piles
  • Concrete: Pre-cast, cylindrical, octagonal, square, and sheet piles

When we arrive onsite to install these piles, we assess the situation and decide which type meets the project requirements and its structural needs. We choose the pile type based on your site’s soil type and the capacity of the pile type to support your structure in that ground environment. 

How Does Our Pile-Driving Process Work?

We install your project’s piles by driving them into the ground with a mechanical vibration or impact hammer. We install them in groups and tie them together with pile caps. We can install each pile in one piece or splice them if they need to reach extreme depths. We adjust our pile-driving process to meet your project’s needs and to give your structure adequate support, no matter the depth of its foundations.

Improve Your Structure’s Deep Foundations With Driven Piles

Connect with us today to learn more about how driven piles can improve your construction project’s deep foundations.

What Benefits Do Our Driven Piles Offer Your Project?

Our driven piles offer a range of benefits for your construction projects. These benefits include:

  • No construction spoils: Construction spoils are collections of muck left over when a construction project is complete. Spoils often appear as a slurry of rock fragments, drill cuttings, and soil. Some types of pile leave spoils behind because they require drilling before they can be installed in a project’s foundation. Fortunately, driven piles go directly into the ground without any drilling, so they leave no spoils behind, making your project more environmentally friendly.
  • Fast installation times: Since driven piles require no drilling, we can install them quickly. Their fast installation times help keep your project within its timelines. They also help finish your project’s foundation construction more quickly, which improves the rest of your project’s construction times in the long run.
  • Versatility: We mentioned driven piles’ adaptability to different applications above, but their versatility goes beyond that. These piles work with a wide range of soils in different locations. Whether your site is landlocked or coastal, we can use driven piles to strengthen your project’s foundation.
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Improve Your Project’s Foundations With Our Driven Pile Services

If you need driven piles to strengthen your project’s structural support, CNC Foundations has the services you need. We can determine which type of pile to drive into your foundation and how it impacts your overall construction project. We select the right pile size for your foundation and install them in ways that stay within your project’s timelines and budget. Reach out to find out more about how our services can strengthen your foundation and put your project on the right track.

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